Zandy Fell


Zandy is a Director at The ZALT Group, an Employee Relations consultancy. As a conflict resolution practitioner, Zandy’s passion is supporting others to prepare for and participate in difficult conversations. She is a highly competent conflict coach, facilitator, mediator and workplace investigator.

She combines a legal and HR background with years “in the trenches” of industrial relations. Proactively she supports people to manage their own working relationships for strategic advantage.

Zandy enjoys the challenge of a mixed client base from government departments, Universities through to international law firms, as well as significant companies in the retail, hospitality and manufacturing. She is currently honoured to be a Restorative Justice Facilitator for the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce, Attorney Generals Department.

She has guest lectured in Monash University’s MBA program and is a consultant with the prestigious Triad Consulting Group of Boston in their Thanks for the Feedback courses.

Creating change through relationship building, enthusiasm and a demonstrated business rational is Zandy’s proven approach.