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Since 1993, we have connected Harvard-based frameworks to professionals’ real-world challenges. Through high-impact training and consulting services, we have inspired lasting behavioural change for people across all industries. Working across corporate, education, private, non-profit, and government sectors, our services drive business performance through people capability.


CMA Consulting Group offers a range of training, education, and consulting services in communication, relationship management, and leadership skills.

Through our training service, we deliver highly interactive, engaging, and practical workshops for individuals, teams, and leaders. Our workshops are delivered by industry experts with diverse backgrounds and exceptional facilitation skills. 25 years of research and experience provides CMA with industry insight like no other. We specialise in experiential learning and micro-skill application. Our focus on individual learning goals coupled with a deep knowledge across a variety of industries affords us the ability to understand, and address, your toughest challenges.

For clients with unique needs, our consulting service supports strategic capability alignment, relationship diagnostics, program customisation, skill implementation, and complex business problem-solving. Regardless of your need, our team will partner with you from capability strategy to implementation. Through our comprehensive process, we get to know who you are, identify your challenges, define your end goals, and deliver you with a customised solution. We will match you with an experienced consultant who will guide this process, and accelerate your business results through people performance.


CMA consultants have a wealth of ‘real world’ experience through careers in law, business, investment banking, human resources, industrial relations, psychology, and mediation. We’ve faced the challenges you’re facing, and our experience allows us to help you navigate them successfully. When we partner with our clients, we bring with us the benefit of many lessons learned.

We are also genuinely committed to modelling the behaviour that we seek to instill in others; we use the same methods, tools, and frameworks across all of our services.

Our highly skilled experts do more than simply design, facilitate, and consult. We inspire, build awareness, and create space for you and your team to deepen your current knowledge, identify your potential, and create lasting positive change in your business.


Headquartered in Australia, we provide training and consulting services to clients based in Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East, the Americas and Europe.

We have a proud history of working across markets, time zones, and industries to deliver exceptional services to clients.

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Deanna Parrish

Management Consultant

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“Deanna is a great instructor and brings the workshop to life. I've enjoyed each CMA workshop and found great value in the materials presented.”

Eric Lemalu - IQ Group

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