Eliezer Kornhauser Founder & Chairman
Founder and Executive Chairman of CMA Consulting Group, since 1994 Eliezer has built CMA...
Teigan Murphy Chief Executive Officer
Teigan is an experienced Executive Manager who is passionate about working with organisations to... Linkedin
Shaynee Yaffe Executive Manager
Shaynee is a longstanding member of CMA’s Executive team, currently involved in strategic planning...
Bradley Zarich Director, Digital Strategy
As a data, commercial, and result-driven executive, Brad is accountable for CMA’s digital strategy... Linkedin
Marian Griffin Financial Controller
As Financial Controller, Marian works as an advisor to the executive board, assisting in... Linkedin
Nicholas Stavrinidis Principal Consultant
Nicholas is CMA Consulting Group’s Principal Consultant. He is an experienced commercial lawyer, facilitator,... Linkedin
Deanna Parrish Management Consultant
As a Management Consultant with CMA, Deanna empowers clients to solve their most intractable... Linkedin
Sam Straus Management Consultant
Sam W. Straus is a management consultant with CMA, where he works with clients... Linkedin
Jonathan Schauder Senior Associate
As a registered psychologist and experienced facilitator, mediator and executive coach, Jonathan Schauder is... Linkedin
Joel Gerschman Senior Associate
Joel Gerschman is an Associate in CMA’s broader team, having joined CMA in 2001.... Linkedin
Shawn Whelan Senior Associate
Shawn Whelan coordinates CMA’s courses at Monash Law School, and has designed and led... Linkedin
Robin Miles Associate
Robin Miles has deep knowledge and expertise in collaboratively leading major change and strategy... Linkedin
Rebecca Stowe Associate
Rebecca has over 11 years of Human Resources and Learning and Development experience and... Linkedin
Zandy Fell Associate
Zandy is a Director at The ZALT Group, an Employee Relations consultancy. As a... Linkedin