The Role of Role Plays

Download The Role of Role Plays article by Nicole Davidson. This article originally appeared in Training & Development magazine August 2016 Vol 43 No 4, published by the Australian Institute of Training and Development. You can also read the article online here.

The power of Tim Tams

Australian Retailers Association published Nicole Davidson’s blog post on the Coles’ Tim Tams price rise stand off in their quarterly magazine The Retailer.  Click the image above to read: ‘The power of Tim Tams’ in The Retailer – February 2016.

How to win an argument

CMA’s Chyonne Kreltszheim offered some advice about how to win an argument in this article in The Age. Listen to the other side Explain your logic Think about what ‘winning’ means Adapt your strategy Change your communication style Click the image above to read: How to win an argument Download a copy: “How to win an argument” […]

Turning marketing’s power of communication inwards

CMA’s Chyonne Kreltszheim co-authored this article on ‘Turning marketing’s power of communication inwards’ in the Marketing magazine with Karen Gallagher, managing director of The Bees Knees. Download a copy Turning marketing’s power of communication inwards – Marketing magazine – 25 Sept 2013  

Become a master negotiator

Tyla Locke offered this advice in an interview with The Age: Be prepared Tyla Locke, a senior consultant at CMA Learning Group, which teaches negotiation and influential communication skills, espouses “the Seven Elements of Negotiation”. These include setting goals and preparing ahead of the actual negotiations. “Preparation is key,” says Locke. The Seven Elements of […]

Stakeholder management

The latest edition of The Project Manager includes an article on stakeholder management, with some insights from key industry figures, including our own Joel Gerschman, senior consultant at CMA. What did Joel have to say? “The most effective project managers act deliberately and with confidence. To do this, it helps to have a systematic framework […]

HR strategy: How to influence and engage

It’s no secret that the economic crisis has dramatically changed the face of domestic and global business. With large-scale layoffs and massive budget cuts, businesses must now drive unprecedented performance but with rapidly diminishing resources. This challenge cuts especially deep for the HR professional. Many are now asking: How on earth can we implement our strategic […]

Speak up for yourself – The art of negotiation

Learning to negotiate better could help you bet ahead, writes Nikki Williamson. Negotiation is a vital skill for the modern worker. But, sadly, very few of us do it well. Rather than speaking clearly and listening to what others have to say when we have a clash with a co-worker or need to ask for […]

Construction collaboration

VicRoads engaged collaboration experts, CMA, to conduct training sessions in collaborative negotiation and problem solving skills – which enabled fast resolution of several critical issues. Click here to read ‘Ahead of time and under budget: A case study in collaboration’ – Jonathan Schauder, Shawn Whelan and Trevor Boyd, in ROADS, April/May 2006 Click here to read ‘Breakthrough […]

Careers advice

Jonathan Schauder offered this advice in The Daily Telegraph: The only way employees are going to be able to fully take advantage of a company’s benefits program is if they can negotiate well. Negotiation and relationship building company CMA senior consultant Jon Schauder says the error people make is asking for one option, such as […]