Principles of Persuasion

Influence up, down and across
Ethical approaches for real buy-in

Workshop Overview

Our one-day influencing skills training workshop Influence: Essential Skills looks at influence as a skill that can be developed and sharpened. It explores the four key sources of influence, and how to use these sources to structure both written and verbal communication.

We shift participants from a sales-pitching approach to thoughtful persuasive communication. Our influencing skills courses provide them practical tools and preparation strategies that them to approach their influencing interactions with improved confidence and effectiveness.

This persuasion workshop will enable your team or organisation to:

  1. Move beyond simply ‘arguing a case’ to a more constructive, value-driven approach.
  2. Respond more effectively to resistance and objections.
  3. Structure influencing conversations in a way that is both concise and compelling.
  4. Build confidence to initiate and manage influencing conversations.
  5. Tailor their approach to the people they’re seeking to influence.

To enhance the implementation of the skills learned, CMA workshops include the following:

  1. A pre-workshop survey.
  2. Planning templates.
  3. Post-workshop commitment sheets to remind of their learning.
  4. Fortnightly emails to remind participants of the theory.
  5. Access to CMA’s Alumni website.
  6. 12-month access to CMA’s e-coaching hotline.

Delivery Options

Our Approach

Our unique approach to learning ensures your organisation receives a tailored session with every workshop delivered. When you partner with CMA, we will work with you every step of the way:



We work with clients to understand the learning needs and behavioural change required.



All workshops include one customised case study to enhance skills applied within the workplace.



We learn more about the participants and their personal challenges, tailoring our facilitative examples to individual needs.



Our experienced practitioners will deliver the workshop at your chosen location.



Post the workshop, participants receive helpful content reminders, access to our Alumni Portal and online coaching service.

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