Influential Business Writing

Structure your documents for maximum impact

Workshop Overview

Our one-day training workshop Influential Business Writing explores how to improve business writing to maximise impact. This workshop empowers the writer to achieve optimum clarity and persuasiveness. We provide participants with the tools to understand the fundamentals of communicating effectively, structuring a document, and editing for expression.

We shift participants from their “autopilot” writing process, with unpredictable impacts on their readers, to a structured persuasive writing process that guarantees understanding between writer and reader.

This workshop will enable your team or organisation to:

  1. Structure their written communication to maximise their persuasive impact.
  2. Write in a way that generates the desired response, rather than confusion or indifference.
  3. Increase their awareness about how their writing style may be perceived by others.
  4. Adapt their content and style depending on their audience, circumstances and objectives.
  5. Build their working relationships with key stakeholders.
  6. Improve their productivity, by reducing the time taken to draft emails and documents.
  7. Reduce the time wasted by managers in editing or re- writing documents.

To enhance the implementation of the skills learned, CMA workshops include the following:

  1. A pre-workshop survey.
  2. Planning templates.
  3. Post-workshop commitment sheets to remind of their learning.
  4. Fortnightly emails to remind participants of the theory.
  5. Access to CMA’s Alumni website.
  6. 12-month access to CMA’s e-coaching hotline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

There are many business writing skills courses in Melbourne. CMA’s program, Influential Business Writing goes above and beyond basic writing principles. We examine and put directly into practice the two elements of writing that we can control. Expression and Structure. In our Influential Business Writing Skills training course, we provide specific structure to attain buy-in for business ideas and proposals. We also explore and provide detailed processes to ensure we are clearly expressed in our writing.

What is Influential Business Writing?

There are many business writing courses in Melbourne but very few Influential business writing courses. Influential business writing is business writing with a very defined purpose. More particularly, it is business writing that actively seeks to influence the reader to agree or take action.

How can I improve the effectiveness of my business writing?

One way to improve the effectiveness of your own business writing is to examine examples of your own writing. Any good business writing skills training course will have you examine your own work and assess it for clarity and impact on the reader.


Delivery Options

Our Approach

Our unique approach to learning ensures your organisation receives a tailored session with every workshop delivered. When you partner with CMA, your Relationship Manager will work with you every step of the way;



We work with clients to understand the learning needs and behavioural change required.



All workshops include one customised case study to enhance skills applied within the workplace.



We learn more about the participants and their personal challenges, tailoring our facilitative examples to individual needs.



Our experienced practitioners will deliver the workshop at your chosen location



Post the workshop, participants receive helpful content reminders, access to our Alumni Portal and online coaching service.

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