Virtual Negotiation Training Courses in New Zealand by CMA Consulting

Online negotiation skills training in New Zealand

We’re coming to you. Our world class negotiation training is now available at your doorstep. CMA has re-designed its flagship negotiation training and created a high energy, high impact virtual experience like no other.

Delivered by engaging and thought-provoking master facilitators. We’ve perfectly blended the science and art of negotiation to create a unique program to meet your negotiation needs. With exclusive insights from Harvard’s University’s Program on Negotiation, inspiring anecdotes, in depth video analyses and real word case studies. We not only hold your attention; we invigorate it, ignite passion and drive for your future negotiations.

What does CMA Teach?


If you’re not managing the process, usually it’s managing you. Learn how to take charge in your next negotiation, develop awareness and steer the negotiation in the direction of ultimate success.


The right kind of preparation is key. Our tools and frameworks take out all the guess work. Cut through the noise and get to exceptional outcomes faster.


Never ignore the human elements of the negotiation. After all, we have that in common with our counterpart. Learn how to extract the right information from your counterpart in a way that builds relationship and has you creating mutually beneficial outcomes.


Don’t fall victim to common tactics and tricks. Learn how to flex your new skills and overcome difficulty on the spot.

Who is this for?

Everyone. Anyone in your organisation who is actively engaging in any process of interaction to influence decision-making. Internal or external. We train and coach people across all functions: Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT, Strategy, HR, L & D, Procurement, Senior Management, Executive and many more.

What’s included?

To enhance the implementation of the skills learned, all of our online negotiation skills courses in New Zealand include the following:

Pre-workshop profile

  • To better understand each individuals’ unique predispositions and training needs each participant is asked to complete a pre- program questionnaire. This tells us all the information we need to know to craft challenges and design lines of questioning aligned to each individual. The pre-program questionnaire reveals insight for our facilitators and coaches to use in the session. This data is also linked to a post program questionnaire to identify skill transfer once the course is complete.

Planning templates

  • Part of the joy of upskilling individuals is hearing and seeing them put into practice what they have learned. At CMA we want to make this process as seamless as possible. Participants apply their learning in session using carefully designed interactive templates. These templates are designed to be used well into the future. Participants walk away from these sessions with a collection of long and shorthand tools to put into action right away.

Post-workshop commitments

  • To solidify learning and establish ongoing application of new skills, we have participants complete commitment sheets. This is where the write down goals around their learning. Studies show that writing down our goals assists us to achieve them. Read more here.

Ongoing support

  • We’re committed to seeing lasting change across organisations. When building capability, support is everything. To assist participants, hone and refine skills over time, each participant has direct access to their expert facilitator for 12 months post program. Participants can reach their facilitator and coach via email to ask questions, get specific insights and assistance once the program is complete.

What are people saying?

“As a result of CMA’s negotiation skills programs, Toyota’s technical field managers have become more proficient in responding to customer concerns. It means that raised concerns can be dealt with effectively, efficiently and transparently, resulting in a much greater level of customer satisfaction.”

Paul Bower, Toyota Australia

“Even after 25 years in banking I discovered new and better ways to drive negotiations”

Soren, Associate Director – ANZ

More about the program

Our virtual training programs are accessible from anywhere in the world. Connect digitally with CMA and experience a live session with an expert facilitator based in
Australia or the USA.

Unlike text-heavy online learning services, our virtual training engages learners in real skills development through practical simulations and reflective learning, just like our renowned face-to-face workshops. Explore our capabilities below or book a consultation to experience our virtual platform.

A History of Success

CMA Consulting Group was founded in 1993, with a mission to change the way that people negotiate deals and resolve disputes. Since then, our expertise has expanded…but it remains squarely focused on helping people work together to get things done. That focus helps us maintain the highest level of expertise in our chosen field. CMA has a strong connection with Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation. Founded in 1983, the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School is a pioneer in the fields of negotiation, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. PON created this “30th anniversary” video, describing many of its educational and research activities. View here.

Thinking & Doing

To us learning requires both ideas and action. Thinking and doing. The structure of this program attempts to capitalise on the variety of learning styles that each participant will have. To this end, each of our expert facilitators are highly trained to create engagement and genuine connection in front of a camera. In fact, all of our virtual negotiation training courses in New Zealand are delivered by facilitators with on camera training.

The course is organised around a series of negotiation exercises each carefully deigned to highlight specific lessons or questions to be explored. There is often a wealth of knowledge to draw upon from participants within the session. To this end designated discussion time is allocated across the day to tap into lived experiences and ensure knowledge is shared.

Focused Expertise

For almost 30 years CMA has shared its focused expertise in negotiation with the world. We’re deeply passionate about what we teach. Our focus on ethical approaches that create value and build relationships is satisfying and rewarding…so we want to share it with others! We’re also committed to “walking the talk”. All our interactions – with clients and with participants – reflect and demonstrate the collaborative, interests-based frameworks that we teach. Our frameworks are based on the ideas espoused Getting to Yes.

Customisable in Every Way

We appreciate that time is a luxury. Our programs range from 1-hour micro sessions to 12-month immersive experiences. We can tailor training depending on your need. Our application exercises are customisable and drafted and edited to meet your specific needs.

Academic Roots

Through dynamic and interactive lectures, CMA’s specialists share their interdisciplinary knowledge with experts and students alike. We are proud to deliver keynote addresses at leading universities and academic institutions across Australia and New Zealand. For decades CMA has proudly partnered with Monash University Law School to provide the brightest minds with practical solutions. Read more here.

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