Q. How do I prepare for a public workshop?

Two weeks before the workshop, you will receive an email from us containing the important details. This email will give you a link to a short online questionnaire that will help you to prepare for the workshop. The most helpful thing that you can do to prepare for the workshop is to complete this questionnaire. In particular, please call to mind any recent or noteworthy scenarios that are relevant to the workshop – e.g. recent negotiations, influencing conversations, feedback conversations, etc. This will help you to contextualise the theory covered in the workshop.

If you are attending Getting to Yes, you will receive another email one week before the workshop. This email is really important! It contains the two case studies that we will be working on in the workshop. To make the most of your time at the workshop, please read them before you attend. If you have any questions about the case studies, please email us at training@cmalearning.com.au.

If you are attending Influential Business Writing, please bring along a document that you have written. This could be an email, report, business case, or any other document that is designed to influence another person. You won’t be required to share this document with anyone else. You’ll just be using it to apply the skills covered in the workshop.

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