Negotiation Insights: Is your organisation gambling with its future?

Negotiation Insights: Is your organisation gambling with its future?

If your organisation stood to lose $13 million as a result of its negotiations, what would you do about it? Every year, organisations are putting millions of dollars of value at risk through poorly planned or executed negotiations. At each stage of the negotiation process – from development of a negotiation strategy through to implementation of the negotiation outcomes – organisations are squandering opportunities to create value. Worse still, some are even losing value. Let us explain.

Our Survey

CMA Learning Group conducted a survey of 655 people throughout Australia about their organisation’s negotiation practices. The respondents were from a broad range of:
• Industry sectors, including Government (all levels), Legal and Professional Services, Financial Services, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Industrial, IT and Essential Services
• Organisation sizes, from sole traders and small businesses (<50 employees) through to very large organisations
• Roles/positions, from frontline personnel through to all levels of management (including CEOs and sole traders)

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