Giving Effective Feedback: a white paper by CMA Learning Group

Contemporary organisational theory emphasises the need for those in positions of authority to actively establish and foster a culture of learning within their organisation. It is also accepted that individual performances are affected by the direct and indirect interactions between members of an organisation. As such, the feedback process within an organisation becomes a significant platform in the ongoing development of its human resources. Put simply, internal feedback can be a powerful agent for skill development and improved behaviours. However, to achieve its potential, feedback must be delivered in a manner that motivates the recipient and persuades them that the advice offered is both appropriate and worthwhile. This requires a sound theory upon which to act. The purpose of this paper, then, is to offer a practical and soundly based framework for giving effective feedback.

Why is feedback important?
While we have already suggested that feedback is a vital tool in professional development, it is worth identifying some of the specific reasons why feedback is important.

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