Fixed positions, shaky ground

Negotiation skills training needn’t stop in the workplace. Tyla Locke offers some advice on how to manage conflict at home – read on! Q. I’ve been having trouble resolving an issue with the builder who built my house. The house has structural issues which have resulted in a leaking roof and damage to the walls […]

How to win an argument

CMA’s Chyonne Kreltszheim offered some advice about how to win an argument in this article in The Age. Listen to the other side Explain your logic Think about what ‘winning’ means Adapt your strategy Change your communication style Click the image above to read: How to win an argument Download a copy: “How to win an argument” […]

Turning marketing’s power of communication inwards

CMA’s Chyonne Kreltszheim co-authored this article on ‘Turning marketing’s power of communication inwards’ in the Marketing magazine with Karen Gallagher, managing director of The Bees Knees. Download a copy Turning marketing’s power of communication inwards – Marketing magazine – 25 Sept 2013  

Moving on from a “No”

CMA Associate Rebecca Stowe offers this advice on how to manage the dreaded “no” within a negotiation. Read what she has to say here… Q. Sometimes, despite my best efforts to understand a customer’s needs and to come up with creative options, my counterpart rejects even my best offer and decides to go with our biggest […]