Speak up for yourself – The art of negotiation

Learning to negotiate better could help you bet ahead, writes Nikki Williamson.

Negotiation is a vital skill for the modern worker. But, sadly, very few of us do it well. Rather than speaking clearly and listening to what others have to say when we have a clash with a co-worker or need to ask for a pay rise, most people just blunder through. The result is many don’t achieve their goals.

Career coaches and psychologists agree the skill of bargaining can be learned. “Negotiation is the cornerstone of influencing other people’s decisions and actions,” says Simon Dowling, director of communication and training company CMA.

“Negotiation skills are critical not only for doing your job well, but for advancing your career.”

Read the full article: Speak up for yourself – The art of negotiation – Nikki Williamson & CMA – Sydney Morning Herald – March 2008

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