Mastering Active Listening skills: 15 Essential Tips for Negotiation

In the intricate dance of negotiation, where words wield power and silence speaks volumes, the skill of active listening emerges as a game changer. It’s not merely about hearing words, but comprehending their underlying meanings, emotions, and intentions. Active listening in negotiation transcends basic communication; it’s the key to building trust, uncovering hidden interests, and […]

20 conflict resolution mistakes to avoid

In every professional journey, one encounters a myriad of interpersonal dynamics, diverse perspectives, and inevitably, conflicts. Conflict, while often perceived with a negative connotation, can be the catalyst for growth, innovation, and strengthened relationships when approached with the right mindset and tools. The ability to navigate through conflicts, seeking resolution and mutual understanding, is a […]

The Foundations of Effective Negotiation Skills in Business Communication

An effective negotiation skill is a key component of any successful business communication. Whether you are brokering deals, resolving conflicts, or working with stakeholders, your negotiation skills can have a significant impact on your success. We will examine key concepts and strategies that can elevate your negotiation prowess in this comprehensive guide, which explores the […]

What are the challenges of conflict management?

I. Introduction Brief explanation of conflict management Conflict management is the process of identifying and addressing conflicts in a constructive manner, thereby preventing them from escalating and affecting the overall productivity and relationships within an organization. Effective conflict management skills are essential for maintaining a positive work environment and fostering collaboration among team members. Importance […]

What is the role of society in conflict management?

Introduction The importance of conflict management Conflict is an inevitable aspect of human interactions. It can arise from differences in opinions, values, beliefs, and interests. Effective conflict management is essential for promoting peaceful coexistence, cooperation, and development. Conflict management techniques and skills play a vital role in resolving disagreements, reducing tensions, and finding common ground. […]

What is collaborative style of conflict management and how to use it?

A conflict management style is simply the way we choose to approach any given conflict. The Thomas–Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) is a tool developed to measure an individual’s response to conflict situations. There are 5 conflict style modes. Compromising, Accommodating, Avoiding, Competing and Collaborating. The TKI uses two axes (influenced by the Mouton and Blake axes) […]

Most used conflict management interview questions and answers

Have you ever been asked interview questions on conflict resolution or interview questions on conflict management? How did you answer? Behavioural interview questions about conflict resolution are designed to test your responses to high stakes situations. Answers to conflict resolution interview questions give the interviewer insight into how you would likely respond to such a […]

Tools for Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is never a good thing. It takes up time and energy that frankly could be better spent doing more productive things. Though many people try to wish it away for the most part it remains. We need tools and strategies to resolve conflict in the workplace.  Skills in Conflict Management Resolving […]

Importance of negotiation skills for manager

What is negotiation? The term “negotiation” covers a huge range of activities. An obvious example is two lawyers talking (or writing) to each other on behalf of their clients to try to resolve a legal dispute – or to strike a deal for the acquisition of one company by another. A personal example is buying […]

How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills Online

As industries, organisations and sectors change and grow, so must we. One of the biggest challenge’s managers, teams and organisations face, is how to find training that aligns not only with the demands of their roles but also the technology designed to make our lives easier. As we adapt to the modern age there lingers […]