Difficult Conversations Case Study

Managing difficult conversations for a major telco provider

CMA has been working closely with a major telecommunications provider to improve its customer service and increase its brand loyalty and customer advocacy in Australia

The challenge

As media reports have highlighted, the telecommunications industry is under pressure to improve its customer service. Customer service is widely assessed using a ‘Net Promoter Score’ (NPS), which measures the extent to which a customer will speak positively or negatively about a particular provider. CMA was engaged to work with the General Billings and Enquiries Division of a major telecommunications provider to increase its NPS and build its capability to deal with challenging customer conversations, with a particular focus on customer enquiries that had been escalated through the calls handling system.

CMA’s Solution

We consulted with our client to design and deliver a highly tailored conflict resolution program designed around the specific challenges and outcomes that the client wanted to achieve. We ran a series of one-day workshops in Adelaide and Melbourne in which we focused on equipping the teams with the mindset and skills to effectively navigate their ‘difficult conversations’ with customers in a timely and skillful way.

  • We have received anecdotal feedback from our client that the workshops were extremely well received. The participants particularly appreciated the extent to which we had undertaken research to understand the client’s business environment and language, which enabled us to deliver the training in a way that was highly practical and respectful of the dynamics ‘on the ground’ (as opposed to training that was purely theoretical).
  • More importantly, our client reported specific, measurable benefits after the training was completed, including an increase in its NPS and a significant reduction in the volume of repeat calls.