Influence Case Study

Improving influencing skills for a major Australian energy provider

CMA has been working with a major Australian energy provider to improve their employees’ ability to influence across teams and key stakeholders.

The challenge

Our client’s staff needed to utilise a structured framework to prepare comprehensively for various influencing conversations; manage resistance to new ideas and initiatives; build confidence of their teams when engaging in influencing conversations; align an influencing framework with their organisational values; and empower their employees to change their current approaches to persuasion.

CMA’s Solution

CMA delivered a series of two-day Influence in the workplace workshops that enabled our client’s staff to dramatically improve the clarity and persuasiveness of their conversations, including proposals, board presentations, reports, submissions, letters and emails.

In this program CMA:

  • Shared a a simple, yet powerful, framework for influencing in oral and written communication
  • Customised the participant experience by incorporating samples of the client’s actual business scenarios into the workbook
  • Shared the best practises from Harvard University about persuasive communication
  • Incorporated several practical exercises and created significant opportunities to receive coaching and feedback on the application of the frameworks
  • Ensured the workshop activities had practical relevance to the workplace

The Results

Many years later, we continue to deliver this program for our client, both as an in-house workshop and as part of our client’s internal learning and development calendar, which allows staff to attend our public workshops when in-house workshops are not available.