Jonathan Schauder

Jonathan Schauder

Infrastructure alliances: A two edged sword

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, companies are forever in search of ways to obtain a competitive advantage. In this climate, business alliances and strategic partnerships have become an increasingly important string in the bow of executives attempting to get ahead.

Give your mediation process a checkup

All experts, whatever their field, have clear and coherent theories to underpin their actions. For example, a physician doesn’t tell you that they are going to take their best shot at curing an illness. They have a sound understanding of human disease, based on years of research and testing, that informs their diagnosis and prescription.

Construction collaboration

VicRoads engaged collaboration experts, CMA, to conduct training sessions in collaborative negotiation and problem solving skills – which enabled fast resolution of several critical issues. Click here to read ‘Ahead of time and under budget: A case study in collaboration’ – Jonathan Schauder, Shawn Whelan and Trevor Boyd, in ROADS, April/May 2006 Click here to read ‘Breakthrough […]

Careers advice

Jonathan Schauder offered this advice in The Daily Telegraph: The only way employees are going to be able to fully take advantage of a company’s benefits program is if they can negotiate well. Negotiation and relationship building company CMA senior consultant Jon Schauder says the error people make is asking for one option, such as […]