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How to improve influencing skills online

It’s not always easy. It can be hard work influencing others, getting the type of buy-in that leads to action. At times it can seem effortless when done by those who seem to have a natural knack for persuasion. When it’s done effectively it doesn’t seem like its being done at all. Contrary to our […]

How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills Online

As industries, organisations and sectors change and grow, so must we. One of the biggest challenge’s managers, teams and organisations face, is how to find training that aligns not only with the demands of their roles but also the technology designed to make our lives easier. As we adapt to the modern age there lingers […]

7 Tips for Resolving Team Conflict

Chances are at some point in your life you’ve dealt with a disagreement with your coworkers. We all have different points of view, values, and perspectives which makes it nearly impossible to avoid workplace conflicts. These conflicts can cause all sorts of issues like loss of productivity, emotional turmoil, resentment, or an inability to come […]

How to Respond to Threats in a Negotiation

You know the feeling. It’s a combination of disappointment, frustration, and nerves. Your palms might feel sweaty, perhaps you can’t quite find the words to respond. Your counterpart, with whom you were casually negotiating mere minutes ago, has dropped a bomb. You’ve just been threatened in your negotiation. Cue the adrenaline. Your fight or flight […]

Why Avoiding Virtual Conflict Resolution is a Bad Idea

You’ve been avoiding a colleague for weeks. Dodging calls, texts and invites. Fortunately, working remotely means you don’t bump into each other in the office. What occurred in your recent conversation was more than a disagreement. At the time you were angry at what had been said, it was hurtful and wrong. Despite your colleague’s […]

Covid-19 Update

Whether you’ve been asked to work remotely, or have had to cancel a face-to-face meeting, most Australian businesses have felt the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) in some way, shape or form. In times of change, it’s important for businesses to maintain strong communication, good working relationships and effective digital solutions that will help your team […]

3 common negotiation tricks – and how to manage them

You might be an ethical, well-intended negotiator who’s always aiming for win-win outcomes. But let’s not be naïve: not every person you encounter will have the same mindset. Sometimes, perhaps more often than you’d like, you’ll come up against underhanded negotiation tactics designed to knock you off balance and pressure you to accept less-than-perfect deals. […]