Managing Meetings

Our one day training workshop Managing Meetings explores the keys to successful meetings. Participants learn how to prepare and facilitate dynamic meetings that lead to meaningful action.

Giving Effective Feedback

Our one-day Giving Effective Feedback program examines feedback beyond routine performance appraisals. This workshop empowers you to understand the three different types of feedback you should be giving, and strategies for delivering them effectively.

Getting Past Conflict

Our one-day Getting Past Conflict program takes a structured approach to conflict management. This workshop empowers you to skilfully manage high-stakes conversations.

Consulting & Advisory Skills

Our two-day Consulting & Advisory program explores the relationship between consultant and client. You will learn how to create genuine value for your client, implement and manage effective consulting processes, and build lasting professional relationships.

Influential Business Writing

Our one-day Influential Business Writing program explores how to improve your business writing to maximise impact. This workshop empowers the writer to achieve optimum clarity and persuasiveness.

Getting To Yes

Our two-day or half day intake, Skillful Negotiator program develops the core concepts and skills that underpin principled, interest-based negotiation.